Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet Week Four!

There is an undeniable giddy feeling after making it halfway through a class. As this week approached, the worst feels as if it has passed with last week's intense task of looking into the future and creating an Action Research Study. What a daunting task it was when having to plan for a school year that hasn't even begun yet. As educators we all know that things change daily in our profession. Meetings pop up, committees need members, tutoring sessions fill afternoons and mornings, as well as personal life time being split a hundred different ways too. So planning for a multiple month study was quite the task. I'm glad it's completed as of now.

 I am glad to say that my Action Research Study (Do we capitalize this? The importance of the project makes me think so), is now completed. After meeting with my wonderful site supervisor, I was thrilled to know that she thought it was a well organized plan. The only suggestion she made was to switch from Survey Monkey to Google Forms. This suggestion was due to the fact that Survey Monkey charges you for customization and number of questions, and Google forms does not. I was thankful for this tip. Glad that I chose a Technology Instructionalist as my site supervisor, being that I am an ED Tech major with a technology driven Action Research Study. This already seems a wise mentor choice.

Part of the assignment this week was to encourage readers to comment on our blog in the future. So here it is: Please continue commenting on my blog in the future. I can't promise they will be the best in the class, but just remember that I do add the tiny humorous tidbit at the end for bait. Keep coming back for more.

Until next time...


  1. Lisa,
    Thank you for the information on the survey - as I need all the help I can get with that part of my action research plan. I am making notes to use Google Forms. I agree with you that I am very excited to be halfway through this class because it has been intense!!!

    Good luck,

  2. Great advice on Survey Monkey and Google forms that I didn't know. Glad you shared that :)

  3. How very nice that you have a Technology Instructionalist as your Site Supervisor! Mine is my principal and I do think he realizes what he got himself into.

    I have only used Google Forms and it seems OK to me. If you have any questions and cannot get your SS, email me.

  4. I love all of your light hearted / honest posts along with your cartoons! I also am glad that we have gotten past the biggest part of this class by completeing our Action Research Plan. I am just concerned about the time for the follow through on my plan along with completing all of the activities in my Internship Plan from our 1st class......Feeling a little overwhelmed!

    1. Amen on the overwhelmed feelings and it's not even August yet! :)

  5. Lisa,

    I so agree with you on this half-way thing. It's kind of like Wednesday being referred to as "Hump Day!" I'm glad you shared the Google Forms idea. I will also be using surveys, and I was not aware of this difference either. Thank you for always being so on top of things; I will absolutely keep commenting!

  6. Lisa,

    I so agree with you on this half-way thing! It's kind of like Wednesday being called "Hump Day!" I always feel so accomplished by the time we hit Week 4. Thanks for sharing the difference between Survey Monkey and Google Forms; I will also be using surveys, so I'm stealing this info! Thanks for always being so on top of things. I will absolutely keep posting!

  7. Lisa, I am so glad for this post! I planned to use Survey Monkey as well, I didn't realize they charged for customization. Looks like I have a new update to my plan for week 5 already.