Monday, November 25, 2013

Audacity Experiences and Creative Commons

I want to start off by saying that Audacity was VERY easy to download. With minimized steps to get it on one's computer, this could easily be accessed by all. The program simplicity of downloading also is quite simple to use. You can easily add effects by selecting the recording and choosing out of the list of options. The drop down tabs at the top are easily organized and that makes it easy for the user to figure out exactly what to do with the options.

I do find the numbers and charts located on the software a bit confusing. I imagine after using this software for awhile that this would probably become easier to figure out. The foreign words that are located in the bottom left of the screen are also a bit unknown, making the screen a little intimidating for someone who has never used the program.

The Creative Commons is a license non profit organization that allows people to share their work and have others use it without compromising any of it without permission of the maker. In this case, I didn't want others changing my work or using it in commercials so I ended up with attributions-no dervs 3.0 unported. The part of the website where it generated the license was very user friendly. I still feel a little confused when navigating through the different kinds of licenses and copyright laws but know over time that this will become easier to understand.

Friday, November 22, 2013

My first iMovie!!

What a thrilling moment! I finished my first iMovie for my class assignment. I have heard the hype for years and I feel really apart of the "club" to have finally made one. I honestly thought at first sight that it was going to be difficult. However, after I got started I began to realize how user friendly it was.
The easiest part of the program was uploading photos. All one has to do is simply drag the photos and "drop" them on the working screen. Recording the voice-over was also easy. I just clicked the slide and began to talk. The only trouble I had was starting the voice over at the right spot.
The most difficult part of making the movie was timing the slides. This was hard because when you are reading a script, while trying to sound entertaining, you also must watch the time due to the slides matching up with what you are saying.
The part I enjoyed the most was picking the music and seeing how much it enhanced my video. I recommend for everyone to add music!
All in all, I learned a lot from the video making this week. I also think that my personal story that I have now digitized is special for my family to see and have.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5363 Web Conference Week One Reflection

It being our first web meeting, people were thirsty for answers. Twitter was a topic that was discussed. I have not become apart of it yet because of the other accounts I already have...guess it's time to jump on board. The professor also discussed how she trusts us to do the peer evaluations on our own and not post them. The syllabus was brought up because of contradicting statements to the peer evaluations. We also chatted about where to post each thing and I learned that students in this degree plan no longer have to have a blog. I think that is wonderful because it is one more thing to keep up with. Personally I am a fan of the wiki because it is so easy to use.