Friday, December 20, 2013

Group Work Reflection

This was my first big collaboration project and I felt like it was such a success. Our group really meshed well and all fell into roles immediately. We collaborated using Google Docs, web conferences, Google Chat, and email. The ideas that group members shared seamlessly came together to create our video project. We did a good job considering we all teach different grade levels. The TEKS were new to some of our members since they don't live in Texas. Overall, I feel like this was a successful group project and I learned so much doing it!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Final Web Conference 5363

Tonight was the final web conference. It was a short and too the point meeting. We discussed the confusion on the submissions of the paper. I understand that it all needs to be on one document with the links to our eportfolio. The internship was also discussed and how we need to be keeping up with them throughout our courses. We also understand that our reflections are the web conferences as well as video projects.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Web Conference-Week 3 Reflection

Today we started out the conference with discussions about the new TEA requirements as of Jan. 2014. We moved on to where to find the most updated assignment information. This can be found in the weekly overview posts. There was quite a bit of questions about logistics of where to turn in assignments as opposed to emailing them to the IA. Dr. Abernathy also suggested to work in a Google Drive for group work because it is so easily documented.
For our assignment this week, she said to include the TEK and Student NETS as a guiding force in our videos. She also discussed the importance of group work and how each member needs to contribute equally.
We ended the conference with discussing the importance of Twitter and how it can keep on up to date on info. She encouraged us to get accounts and follow the class account.