Friday, November 22, 2013

My first iMovie!!

What a thrilling moment! I finished my first iMovie for my class assignment. I have heard the hype for years and I feel really apart of the "club" to have finally made one. I honestly thought at first sight that it was going to be difficult. However, after I got started I began to realize how user friendly it was.
The easiest part of the program was uploading photos. All one has to do is simply drag the photos and "drop" them on the working screen. Recording the voice-over was also easy. I just clicked the slide and began to talk. The only trouble I had was starting the voice over at the right spot.
The most difficult part of making the movie was timing the slides. This was hard because when you are reading a script, while trying to sound entertaining, you also must watch the time due to the slides matching up with what you are saying.
The part I enjoyed the most was picking the music and seeing how much it enhanced my video. I recommend for everyone to add music!
All in all, I learned a lot from the video making this week. I also think that my personal story that I have now digitized is special for my family to see and have.

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