Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Action Reseach Template

We come to yet another week of deep thinking about inquiry. I have developed a plan that will hopefully gather the data I need to help instill positive changes. Doing some light research up front helped me to come up with more ideas to instill in my research plan and inquiry. I think some of my evaluations will change throughout the course as I develop more awareness of what needs to be assessed along the way.

 This inquiry process has me second guessing myself constantly. I am hoping that once I get the ball rolling on my study, that that might calm down. I appreciated the classmate feedback I received to make some changes to my existing plan. Until next time...

Action Planning Template
Goal: What are the strategies, trainings, and procedures needed for successful one-to-one implementation and pedagogy for student devices in the classroom?
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources
1. Research different types of trainings/strategies to implement technology for teachers and implement them among school first grade team

2. Acquire teacher feedback on prior training and current needs and areas of growth using 1-to-1 implementation

3.Meet with site supervisor to discuss Results of information obtained from teachers on biggest area of growth

Lisa Martinez
Leslie Kennemer
(site supervisor)

Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez
Leslie Kennemer
(Site supervisor)
June 2013-June 2014

September 2013

October 2013
Use a variety of data gathering as well as electronic searches.
Possible Resources:
Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey
-Survey of teachers that used the trainings
-Survey of teachers that didn’t have the proper training
-Survey of students

-The Survey will show current needs of teachers and will thus guide future trainings in this action research to better fit the needs of staff
-This step will allow for a more pinpointed road map to the type of trainings to give
4. Train a group of teachers on a specific unit to integrate one-to-one devices into pedagogy. This would include apps, software applications, or websites that could support learning. 

5. There will also be a second set of teachers that will be trained with a different strategy.

6. Evaluate outcomes of students gained knowledge between the two groups.

7.Generate a monthly newsletter for a resource that teachers can use for further professional development on implementing one to one devices in pedagogy

Lisa Martinez,
First grade team of teachers

Lisa Martinez
August 2013- June 2014

September 2013-April 2014
-District curriculum
-Electronically search different types strategies to train teachers to use one-to-one devices in pedagogy

-Use a variety of data gathering as well as electronic searches to generate topics to use in newsletter
-Smore Program as the template
-Educational blogs to help produce topics to address that are current
-Staying current with staff needs and requests of topics

-Quantitative Pre-test and post test to the unit on each student in first grade
- Training or Procedure strategy in training the teachers how to use the student devices within the unit
-Field Notes

-Field notes
-Surveys from participants on impact of these newsletters

8. Create and Lead a committee that brings more awareness of implementation of NET.S/ TEKS based off the findings from data.

Lisa Martinez
January 2014
-Data driven survey, teacher feedback
-Field notes on outcomes observed by teachers of successes or areas of growth based off incorporating trainings into classrooms
-Survery from teachers based on outcomes of successful strategies used in the implementation of the devices into a project based learning opportunity

9.Close research, accomplish analysis, and distribute findings.

Lisa Martinez
August 2014

-Action research to be completed based off findings.


  1. Okay, I think I could implement this plan. And that's awesome, because even though action research (as I understand it) is not as bounded by the scientific method, it would seem that a well-written plan could be replicated by anyone. I don't think anyone would have trouble following this plan. Not only that, but as more classroom get more technology, having some research into implementation of a 1:1 environment will be extremely valuable.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I don't think there is nothing for me to add - it looks great!!! You have included your plan the trainings on the different groups of teachers with different strategies and the design of the newsletter that will bring more awareness to the ideas that you will be handling in the classroom.You have also included how you plan to share your findings with others by forming and leading a committee. I was going to say survey but you have included that as well as what sites you plan to research.
    Sonya P.

  3. This is similar to one of my wonderings but not with the one-to-one. My Site Supervisor did not seem very interested in it. I think he feels that teachers that need help will come to him or me. I am looking forward to seeing the most effective strategies in case my campus gets a chance to try it.

  4. I really like your format and how you combined multiple activities under each step of your action research plan. I agree with you on second guessing myself throughout the course of inquiry (this week especially). When you say “one-to-one implementation of student devices”, are you referring to laptops, iPads, or what? I may have overlooked it somewhere on your blog and I’m just curious.

  5. Katie,
    I am probably going to use the class set of iPads in these projects but wanted to leave it vague bc our older grades use laptops. That way I'm case I add any projects for the older grade teachers, we can can implement it still.

  6. Lisa - Your action research plans seems very detailed. Looks like you put a lot of thought into it. I really like this topic and also feel like it is a topic that could be researched in every school. I think that this will be an important area of research as technology becomes more promenent in every classroom.